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Life at Carlbrook

Attending Carlbrook School is truly a unique experience, one where its students take pride in supporting each other and forging close, positive relationships that endure far beyond graduation.  Carlbrook encourages the imagination, creativity and empowerment of its students by regularly supporting requests for new programming or events.  As such, students learn to recognize the importance of contributing to their community, resulting in a culture of investment from the student body into the overall well-being of the school and in turn improving the quality of campus life for everyone. 

Extracurricular activities also remain an important component to providing students at Carlbrook with a well-rounded education. In order to ensure that a variety of interests are supported on campus, Carlbrook offers a wide range of student organizations, along with numerous opportunities for participation in intramural sports, theatre, dance and the arts.  Being a student at Carlbrook School means having an abundance of opportunities to challenge oneself with positions of leadership, learning to collaborate with peers and experience first hand the powerful impact individuals can have on each other.